Robotization of machine tools

Maximise your productivity with a robotic machine tending solution. Save time and money by connecting a FANUC robot to a FANUC CNC via a common control platform Benefits of robotisation Increased Turnover, Efficient use of skilled labour, Improved Quality, Increased Flexibility

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FANUC QSSR solution


FANUC’s QSSR is a complete package that simplifies the connection of a FANUC robot to a FANUC controlled machine tool. The new QSSR G-code feature allows operators and machine tool builders to program robots easily through the FANUC CNC in ISO standard G-code format. Those unfamiliar with robotic programming language will no longer require additional training or specialists because the programming can be performed with G-codes. A reliance on a separate teach pendant for the robot is also greatly reduced with the capability of robotic programming and operation through the CNC user interface.

FANUC’s QSSR not only makes connecting a FANUC robot through a high-speed Ethernet cable to a machine tool easy, but also simplifies the setup, programming and operation. The QSSR G-code feature is available on FANUC CNC Series 0i-F, 0i-F Plus, 30i-B and 30i-B Plus.

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